Personal Training

Whether you are a first time exerciser looking to get started or an experienced one looking to step it up a notch I will design a unique fitness program to get you the results that you are looking to achieve.  This will be an intensive program that will focus on accountability, nutrition and exercise.  We will also discuss things that are vital to your progress (sleep and stress management).  Available on site or in your home.  Contact me for pricing.

Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training allows you to get the expertise of a personal trainer without the expense of meeting face to face.  Online Personal Training allows you the convenience of performing the workouts at a time and location that is convenient for you.  At the beginning of the week all of your workouts for the week are emailed to you and you do them following the instructions and report back. Contact me for current pricing.

Boot Camp

Join an existing Boot Camp or get a group of friends together to create one in your neighborhood.  Boot Camp classes are a mix of traditional calisthenics and body weight exercises with interval training and strength training.l The unique aspect of Boot Camp classes is everyone gets the feeling they are working together.  In addition to me pushing you to your limits the others in the class add another level of support and there is nothing like peer support to really push you towards your goals. Contact me for current pricing.

Bridal Boot Camp

What better way to get in shape for your wedding then with your entire Bridal Party!  Bridal Boot Camps are fully customizable to get you and your bridal party looking great for the big day.  During the initial consultation we will discuss how many weeks to run the boot camp and how many times a week that we will meet.  After that you have more important things to worry about so I will handle all the aspects of the Boot Camp. Contact me to set up a consultation and discuss pricing.

Sports Conditioning

Sports Conditioning is a unique style of training that is unique to each sport and each position within the sport.  Sports Conditioning can be done during one to one sessions or in a class format.  If using a class format it is best to have it broken down by positions of the sport as most positions require a different skill set and conditioning.  Depending on the age and experience of the individual or group will determine the exact style of the training.  No matter what style of training we are implementing the concepts will remain the same.  Our first goal is ensure the body is prepared to handle the demands of the sport in order to prevent injury.  From there we will progress into actual performance enhancement and recovery. Contact me for pricing.

Nutrition Coaching



People fail to reach their health and wellness-related goals for only THREE REASONS…lack of CONVENIENCE, lack of a PLAN and lack of SUPPORT! Good news…I’ve got you covered!

Nutrition entails all the nutrients we are putting into our bodies. To ensure you are eating properly for you I have partnered with a company and we offer DNA testing.  This DNA test will give a 46 page report focusing on nutrition and fitness.  I will take that information with your consent and design a program that is truly designed specifically for you. This takes the guess work out of what you should be eating.

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